Friday, January 22, 2010

So, who are you rooting for on Sunday?

First a political post and now a sports one. Lack of kayaking is causing this blog to veer off in strange directions but I guess I can live with that and hope you can as well. The burning question that has been asked of me several times since I got back from New Orleans is whether, as a Green Bay Packer fan, I'll be cheering for our former QB, Mr.Brett Favre, or continue my anti Viking attitude.

I guess I don't know why they would be wondering. How could I not cheer for and support a former Packer that went to several Pro Bowls and was instrumental in our Super Bowl win? A guy that the Packers released, who went to another team, and then signed this year with a team that's playing for the NFC title. An older fellow that people thought was washed up but is in the midst of a career season. No, I can't understand why they would think I wouldn't be cheering for a guy like that............Darren Sharper, of course.


Silbs said...

Dude, you gotta' get out on the water, even if it's just a pool.

Sisters Hand Made said...

The Vikings of course. I bet the Packers are crying in their beer now that they lost the ole man,who is younger than me. Go Vikes. Tess