Friday, January 29, 2010

A quick carp update

It would appear that the meeting that I savaged in yesterdays post was just a meeting to talk about having another meeting, not the vaunted Carp Summit itself. Both the Huffington Post and our local radio and TV station, WCCO (which btw, stands for Washburn, Crosby, and Co, forerunner of General Mills) reported that the real carpfest will take place at the White House on February 8. Not surprisingly, the first inclination of all politicians confronted with a problem is to toss some money at it, and the chump change sum of $20 million has already been bandied about. Richard Guindon, a talented cartoonist that left the Minneapolis StarTribune for Detroit a few years after I moved here, published an appropriately named (and germane to this issue) anthology entitled , The World According to Carp. The best cartoon in the book is one where an earnest looking fellow is standing next to a '78 VW Rabbit with a flat rear tire. There is change and dollar bills laying next to the flat tire and the caption is, "Liberal throwing money at a problem". It a bit dated and somewhat unfair since both parties have learned that throwing money at a problem, combined with a blue ribbon task force, is a very effective means of placating us and keeping the rabble, the great unwashed masses of the electorate, at bay. Here are the GitcheeGumeeGuy/Lake is the Boss predictions for what comes out of the Carp Summit:

-There will be a photo op with the hard working politicians smiling for the cameras.
-A blue ribbon task force will be appointed to study the issue.
-Either 'jobs, jobs, jobs', 'what about the children?' or both will be trotted out during the spirited, and probably circular, debate and discussion.
-The Great Lakes Czar will not be seen. Where is Waldo anyway?
-The money most definitely will be followed.
-Nothing of substance will be done until the end of the year earliest.
-Some guy fishing off Navy Pier will catch an Asian carp this summer.

We shall see boys and girls, we shall see.

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Nan said...

Don't forget the obligatory PETA protestors who will show up on the Navy pier right after that Asian carp is caught to remind us all that fish feel pain.