Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to reality

After spending the better part of nine days without electricity, plumbing, central heating, running water, electronics, or cars, it would seem I am forced back to reality. I was once asked how long I could 'stand it' in an environment like that and my reply was that I'll need to retire to find out for sure because I only have a limited amount of vacation. I'm even out of blogging shape and, as a result, am going to take the lazy way out and just throw up some pictures with comments.

Central to the week was the task of putting venison in the freezer which was accomplished at 8am on opening morning. When asked if the VOR understood the concept of me needing to be up there for the entire week, even though I got my deer opening day, I said she comes from a family of at least 4 generations of deer hunters; she gets it.

Here is my home for most of the week, a 15' ladder stand with camo netting. Its amazing what goes through your head when you have hours of solitude to just listen, watch, and think.

There are plenty of visitors in the woods and this little six pointer came by on Sunday morning.

We had three snowfalls of a couple inches each. The woods is fantastic and the animals are really visible when they move. With proper gear sitting in the snow is no problem and actually lifts up the spirit.

Reefer Creek is frozen and can be walked across at points but you do so at your own risk. TheKingOfIronwoodIsland went swimming twice in the same day a couple years ago and he was not wearing a tuliq.

At the end of the day its good to get back to camp and Happy Hour in the Eight or Better Lounge. The propane lights provide a nice soft ambiance, perfect for adult beverages but not quite so perfect for photography with no flash.

Dinner is produced, devoured, and if a sauna is taken that evening its pretty much time for bed.

Then its the same comfortable routine the next day. There is so much interesting stuff in the woods, like this tree fungus, that sometimes it takes twice as long to get where you are going. The nice thing is that normally I don't know or care where I'm going and if it took 4 times as long to get there that would be OK too.

And finally we have the view off the deck, looking down in to the valley of the creek. I love this shot and this spot and can't imagine having the camp in any other location. And now I guess, it back to what serves as my 'reality'.


Lord Hayden said...

Week before season I heard from one of the old hunting crew that though I'd be missed, there weren't any deer anyway 'cause the DNR screwed everything up again this year. Of course, it turned out to be the most successful hunt in years.

I'll make it back one of these years.

Silbs said...

Looks like you had yorself one hell of a time. Be careful out there.