Friday, August 10, 2007

Wing on Wing

Last night the Voice of Reason and I went out on my friend Charlie's (this guy is deserving of an excellent moniker.....don't worry, I'll come up with one!) 24' Hunter sailboat. We sailed on Lake Minnetonka, a lake known for wealthy old money, founders of companies like Pillsbury, General Mills, Cargill, etc. Big boats, big estates, and Viking love boat scandals make this quite the interesting body of water. There is a dockside bar called Lord Fletchers where one can see some of the finest examples of the plastic surgeons art available anywhere in the state. We however, just were out for a lesiurely sail on a beautiful summer evening. The VOR, with support from the Bessemer Convivialist, is leading a womans expedition to Oak Island in the Apostles. They will be joined at some point Saturday by the Mayor, who will meet them at the Red Cliff Point nun buoy.....hopefully. VOR is shown in the photo unabashedly stealing the photographers wine, with the wing on wing sail rig in the background. I will be heading to Madison, WI for a solid 5 hours of beer sampling at the Great Taste of the Midwest beer fest in Olin Turville park. 125 breweries with 3-4 beers each. Its just plain wonderful. In case you were wondering, the photo below was not taken at the beginning of the event.
Nor have I joined the Taliban. The headgear was sent by then SSgt No2 Son, at the time serving in Iraq as a Humvee gunner. I will help a buddy with his roll on Saturday morning in pea green Lake Mendota but not much paddling for me. Good luck to the VOR, BC, Mayor, and the other women heading out this afternoon.


Silbs said...

Ah yes. Running before the wind with main and jib on opposite sides. Used to call it wing ON wing?

Ron said...

Lord Fletchers brings back memories .. I grew in that area. I worked at Fletchers for a short time in 1969. My oldest son worked there a few years, and met the woman, (who also worked there) he eventually married.

DaveO said...

I believe wing on wing is indeed correct and will make the correction. As a non sailor, it was the first time I'd heard the term. Seemed like a good alternative since we lacked a spinnaker. My buddy did not manage to perfect his roll (he's close) and I was suprised Mendota was as clean as it was; I'd expected pea soup.