Friday, August 17, 2007

Stinkin' kayak theivery

I received the following email from one of the board members of our SKOAC group.

I was just informed about a couple of stolen boats and gear and wanted to alert you about this matter.
2 Boats and gear were stolen off the dock at Living Adventure in Bayfield - they are:
-NDK Explorer LV - Red deck over Black hull
-Northwest Kayaks - tandem red deck over white hull
-Lendal Crankshaft paddle
Please be on the lookout for such boats and gear as the thieves may very well try to sell the them. If you learn anything of these items you should contact Living Adventure at 715-779-9503.
Also, please spread the word among your other paddling friends and let's see if we can catch the perpetrators and earn them their just punishment.

I despise thieves. Whether it be kayaks, hackers attempting to steal your personal info, or anything else, I hate em'. When I was a youth our camp in northern Wisconsin used to get broken into and ransacked every winter. One year I decided there should be some repercussions for these jerks and put about a quarter of a bottle of syrup of ipecac in a half empty bottle of blackberry brandy. Much to my satisfaction (and my old mans horror when he found out) when we came up the next spring, the bottle had been stolen. And hopefully consumed, ideally by being passed around between the theives. Had that been the case, the old expression, "Boy, he sure hung on a puker last night" would be much more than appropos. Both sons inherited my aversion to theives also. No1 son tracked down, confronted, and 'chastised' the guy that stole his and his cousins bikes while they were dining at a McDonalds. No2 son, even before he became a MP, did undercover security at the Baby Gap in downtown Minneapolis. His adversion to thievery led him to chase down a shoplifter and tackle him in front of the Crystal Court on Nicolet Mall.

These appear to be a couple of distinctive boats. If anyone gets wind of these boats, get in touch with the appropriate authorities or, and you have my blessing, deal with it on a more personal basis and get the boats back. Bastards like this need more than a $384 fine and 6 months probation. Good luck to Grant and Gail and with any luck, we'll solve this 'case'.

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