Monday, June 8, 2009

My dream job

It was an interesting weekend on York Island with things not quite going as planned. The lake reminded us that it is indeed the boss, with northeast winds and waves that built from 2' to 4' to a predicted 8' to 10' throughout Sunday. Right now at 7am there is a ENE wind gusting to 30mph at the Devil's Island weather station, which is pretty much the direction it blew all weekend. But more on the weekend later. I need to get to work and fill out the application for my dream job.

The following job application was sent to me on Friday:

Summer Jobs

at the Apostle Islands*

University of Vermont and UW-Madison

Hiring Part-Time positions during the Summer of 2009

Part-Time Field Interviewers for research on boaters at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. This job requires the person to camp on various islands for 3 to 5-day periods during the summer and early fall. In the early evenings, the interviewer will contact each boat moored or docked and secure the names and addresses of each person on the boat. Interviewers must be personable and comfortable talking with boaters. They must also be proficient at handling a canoe or kayak. A boat and other equipment can be provided if necessary. Transportation to the islands will be provided for research personnel. The interviewer must provide own food. We are seeking people who are good at working with the public and can present themselves in a professional manner. Must be able to work independently. References required.

For more information, contact: Walter Kuentzel


Phone: 802-999-6713

There is no doubt in my mind that I would be the perfect person for the job. I paddle around the islands as much as possible in the summer anyway, I always bring my own food, and I invariably strike up personable, confortable conversations with my fellow non paddle powered Lake Superior lovers. Heck, I'm doing the job already, I just need to get the list of questions and write them down. I've also discovered through my own personal research, that boaters usually have cold beer. Its normally some sort of light beer or BudMiller lager but it is cold and there are times in hot weather when cold trumps tasty. I would guess that the 'early evening' interview time requirement could be construed to be right at the start of happy hour. I immediately applied for sabbatical leave with my boss but he told me that he would put me on the list and that I'm now second in line. Behind him. So its not looking good for me this summer. Maybe I need to just ask for a small stipend to interview the boaters at the more obscure docks, like the lone sailboat moored at the Michigan Island dock in the photo. Hmmm........I better email Walter and get my plan in place before someone beats me to the punch.

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Silbs said...

...and,it would make all your kayak expenses tax deductable.