Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bayfields new kayak shop

I've been up since 5am, excited at the prospect of getting the hell out of Dodge and heading up to the kayak symposium in Washburn for the next 4 days. The only regret I have is that I won't be up there in time for the grand opening of Boreal Shores Kayaking, on the main drag in Bayfield, at noon today.

Our buddy and traditional paddling aficionado, ChrisG, is opening the shop in the old (old as in 10 years ago) Trek and Trail office right across from the IGA store. He will be offering NDK boats exclusively for now, which is a good thing because the ND in NDK, Nigel Dennis himself, is in town from Wales for the symposium and Boreal Shores grand opening at noon today. Reliable sources have informed me that beer will be served at this event, a nice touch that will be appreciated by most of the kayakers that I hang with. ChrisG also has a tent down at the demo beach so these famed craft like the Explorer, Romany, and Greenlander can be test paddled. Even the brand new Romany LV will be there and the finish is spectacular. I even agreed, in a weak moment, to help out at the booth on the beach. So if you want good reliable information, talk to the 6'4" muscular, clean shaven guy. If you want misinformation and general bs, look for the bearded 6'4" guy with the kick-sand-in-his-face build.

It should be a fine, fun, instructive weekend. I better pack my last minute gear and get to work in order to get out of work in a timely fashion. I hope to see lots of old friends and make some new ones this weekend. Good luck on the water to everyone this weekend,no more posts until the symposium recap Sunday evening.

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