Friday, August 29, 2008

There will be no tent camping this weekend, we're off for the North Shore of Lake Superior and a fine little B&B on the Baptism River which flows into the lake. Hiking boots, bicycles, and of course kayaks will be lashed on to the VW for the trip. I should be able to pack everything I need in about 10 minutes since tents, stoves, food, sleeping kit, and all the essential gear for kayak camping will not be needed. Every time I've gone out to Isle Royale the backpackers on the ferry have been astounded that all the crap we bring can fit in those little hatches. They are especially jealous when they see the cast aluminum dutch oven and 'real' food.

It will be a relaxing weekend with absolutely no plan at all. Wind, waves, and weather will dictate the activity and watches will be optional. When we return, the city will be crawling with GOP delegates, blow dried media types, and dour, humorless, and indignant protesters. I guess the city got $50 million bucks from the feds to help provide security for this circus. I wonder how much they would have needed if there were no TV cameras? I won't be thinking about that until Monday evening however. This weekend it will be the rocky North Shore of Gitchee Gumee, the smell of fall, and a nice hot sauna or three.

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bonnie said...

Isn't no plan just sometimes the best plan?