Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Off to Washburn

I will be attempting to head north today at the crack of noon in order to make an instructor training session at Living Adventures in beautiful downtown Red Cliff, WI at 6pm. Do not attempt to launch your kayak at Red Cliff Marina this summer however, as it is being turned into a large casino and is a major construction zone. When I called the AINL they told me that they really had not had much communication from the tribe and were not sure exactly when the launch site would be available again. The casino is kind of puzzling in such a lovely location because every casino I've ever set foot in (for concerts or to gorge like an ancient Roman at the sumptuous buffets) goes to great pains to make sure folks don't look outside. That might distract one from shoving money in the slots or hitting 17 at the blackjack table.
The instructor session this evening is the kick off of the Inland Sea Society's Kayak Symposium. As in years past it will be a great weekend. I do believe a person can register on the spot so if time opens up or the inclination to learn some new stuff, no matter what level you are at, strikes you please head north. The Friday tours look to be excellent and the sessions both on and off the water will be as well. This year some folks from Brittany will be over here imparting a bit of French kayaking knowledge and techniques. We will also be drinking some fine wines, meads from the winery in Iron River, beer from Bo at the South Shore Brewery (mmm.....Nut Brown Ale!), and some great food. Fine food, fine adult beverage, and fine paddling; how can you not be all over this thing? Plus it's a fund raiser for the Inland Sea Society, a group active in Lake Superior watershed conservation. Food, beverage, paddling, and a good cause!? Come on people, we want to see you this weekend. I promise that we(most of us) won't make you roll around on the grass like dogs while we sit on a park bench observing. Come on up and lets have some fun!

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