Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another big blow on Gitchee Gumee

It would appear that my half baked plan to paddle Lake Superior this weekend may be delayed. What most people hope is the last winter storm of the season rolled through town last night and is still rolling. When my buddy and I walked into the Xcel Energy Center to watch the Wild lay down to the second Canadian team in 3 days, first the Montreal Canadiens and then the Toronto Maple Leafs, it was raining and windy. After the depressing 3-0 shutout ass kicking we had to almost skate back to the car on the freezing slush. Morning dawned with the scene below on my formerly snow free back patio.

I always get fired up when I click on the realtime wave map on the link to the right. Looks like 15-20 footers are roaring right straight down into western Lake Superior and Duluth harbor, a classic nor'easter. The image at the top of the post was shot by Bob King of the Duluth News Tribune, not me unfortunately. If I'm lucky my schedule will be clear for one of these storms and I can head up, stand on the shore in my paddle gear, and revel in the power of the storm. Today however, I'll be heading to work. I am certain that I will be sneaking peeks at that wave chart throughout the day and fantasizing that I'm up on Park Point, the Port Wing jetty, the mouth of the Lester, or some other outdoor, non boring, desk and fluorescent lighting free environment. As Eric Burton and the Animals said, "We gotta get out of this place, if its the last thing I ever do".

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J said...

Hang on won't be long now!