Sunday, February 6, 2011


I want to thank everyone that has participated in my four day birthday celebration, either in person or with emailed best wishes. Thanks to those who skied Welch Village Thursday night and bought me a beer or two, as well as those who joined in listening to RawhidePhil and his amazing band in Hopkins on Friday night. Not only was the music fantastic, but the first Surly Mild ale of the season was on tap at Tuttles as well. Yesterday found more friends up at Mora, skiing the practice loops and enjoying a great potluck and a few more beers with the Legend and GraciousPartier at their trail side cabin. Now it's Sunday and time to get down to work. I need to help the Packers win the Super Bowl.

I believe that I failed them when they lost to Denver in their last Super Bowl appearance. When they defeated Bill Parcell's Patriots the year before, I was in Wisconsin at Ray's Place Bar watching the game. The next year I had something come up and was not able to make it down. They were favored by 11 and lost to Elway and Co. That will not happen this year, superstition will prevail and I will be at Rays. Just as soon as I hit 'publish post' I will be heading east with GuitarMatt as my wingman. I will be wearing the same Packer warmup jacket that I'm wearing in the image above and I will also be wearing a vintage Super Bowl 1 Paul Hornung jersey, the jersey that can be seen peeking out from under the jacket. The two green concoctions that Mr. Carl and I have in our hands are handed out when the Packers score a TD. We have Favre to Antonio Freeman in one hand, and Favre to Andre Rison in the other. This year the Packer punch has been replaced by the easier to handle green Jello shots but I hope to have at least 3 or 4 of them as our guys cross the goal line. I have a long history at Rays as my dad and Ray were buddies since they got back from WWII. My dad went to work at Uniroyal and Ray bought Ray's Place. Many a dollar has crossed the bar over the years between my dad and Ray, and between Ray's son Dave and I. Dave is the current proprietor and also a deer hunting buddy.

Enough blogging. I got a Super Bowl to win!

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