Friday, May 14, 2010

Off to the Apostles

I have plenty of blog topics rattling around in my brain but very little time to post them. A couple new pieces of gear, the Real Time Wave Observation system that's being tested off the mainland sea caves, and the tardy realization by our US Senators, Klobuchar & Franken, that there is a potential Asian carp problem in the Great Lakes (the Lindbergh baby's been kidnapped! Alert the media!), are all great topics. There may even be a new boat review in the upcoming weeks, but for now I'm frantically packing and attempting to locate gear for the first Apostles overnight of the season. We have a foursome headed to Manitou Island, perhaps via Devils or Michigan if the mileage fever is as strong as all the big talk at the bar over the past few days. I can't find my butane stove but was happy to locate my new splitting wedges, which had been lost since I purchased them last fall.

There will be plenty to report on our return Sunday night but for now I just need to find that compressible dry bag that my sleeping bag goes in and folding chef's knife. That stuff's gotta be around here somewhere..........