Monday, November 2, 2009

Kayak Review

The Docksha IV Double by CampO Kayaks

Length: about 8 feet long
Width: about 5 feet wide
Weight: seems like a ton


MFSL: 6'1" 170# extremely white male.

POD: 6'2" 185# (plus Leinenkugels) very hirsute male

The Review: The Docksha IV is made of untreated wood and large 30 gallon drums wired underneath. Initial stability is phenomenal. Cockpit is amazingly roomy and laybacks, laydowns, and even the occasional nap works perfectly fine. Unfortunately, it doesn't track worth a damn and even those whitewater boats that closely resemble a clown shoe go straighter than this thing. Acceleration is sluggish at best. Paddle float and bilge pump are not needed to reenter this craft. Gear capacity is absolutely unlimited. No rolls were attempted although the comment was made that even Dubside couldn't roll this thing. Due to the similar size of the initial reviewers, the KingOfIronwoodIsland, 4'11", 155#, also paddled the craft. He commented that he couldn't afford it anyway due to catastrophic losses at the poker table much, much earlier that same morning. He also liked the wooden grab lines and felt they were a classy touch. The downside of this boat is that it takes 8 guys and a tractor to land. Weather was also a factor in this review, with 2" of new snow and 32F (oC) temps making the trials a bit uncomfortable.

Manufacturers Response: "I was just happy to get the reviewers out of the bar and down to the lake for the trial. Since this particular craft only moves about 50 yards, two times a year, we are more than happy with this less than stellar review. Although there was some cold water rolling of those skinny British boats by three idiots amid the snow flurries, most of us were very content watching from the top of the hill with an adult beverage in hand".

Idiot's Response: "Water temp was 42F (5C) which caused an instant ice cream headache. Lake Superior was actually 6F degrees warmer. The sauna however, was 175F (80C), a crucial element of the cold water rolling experience".

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Silbs said...

Is it available in composite? Colors?