Sunday, October 5, 2008

A satisfying Saturday

Yesterday was an excellent fall day in Minnesota. The weather was perfect with 60F(16C) temps, brilliant sun, dry air, and a light breeze. The leaves are in the midst of turning and the red maples, orange oak, and yellow aspen made the woods a very colorful place. TheLegend, myself, and Rookie the Wonder Dog headed up to the camp early while the women meandered around Mora looking for valuable and necessary treasures in area shops. The plan was to attempt to shoot a grouse but given the Rook's lack of any bird dog genetics, training, or focus of any kind, I was perfectly happy to settle for a nice walk in the woods. Some venison sausage and beer was in the cooler and the dutch oven was prepared to whip up some stew over the campfire. The other mission that needed to be taken care of was to carry out the execution of my useless Palm Treo cell phone.

I won't go into the crimes against humanity that this worthless piece of electronics had perpetrated since I already did that in another post. I also decided that executing it with a .45 Colt would be overkill so I switched to a .22 auto. I don't think of this as an anti technology Luddite type of action but more of a rotten individual getting its due. I would argue, like death penalty advocates, that the recidivism rate of this particular cell phone will be 0.00%; it will never freeze up, drop a call, or fail to record a voice mail message again. It's disturbing video but I think most of the readers of this blog can handle it. I'm still basking in a satisfied glow every time I hit replay.


Ron said...

I don't know ... I think the .45 would've been pretty good! Well done anyway!

Silbs said...

Geez, the one time I mentioned guns in my blog I got "yelled at" by several readers.

Nan said...

Well, at least you had the decency to blindfold the poor thing.

DaveO said...

I asked it if it had any last words and then I couldn't communicate with any one! Which was why it met its demise

Ranger Bob said...


Not pretty, but right.