Wednesday, June 4, 2008

SKOAC/Sebago summit meeting

Top secret talks were initiated Tuesday between SKOAC and the Sebago Canoe Clubat a top secret Brooklyn location under ruthless security. The issues that were discussed are also classified but it is believed that the controversial salt water vs fresh water paddling debate, the mystery of tidal effects on the Hudson River, and the always contentious Greenland or Eurospoon paddle debate were all touched upon. It is not known if any consensus or d├ętente’ was reached but shares in the Brooklyn Brewing Company skyrocketed Wednesday morning on heavy trading. Sources close to the talks reported that although none of the representatives really had any standing or authority vis a vis the negotiations, the atmosphere was convivial.

Much valuable information was exchanged as well as stories, safety tips, and several outright lies. All kidding aside, it’s always nice to meet folks that you’ve gotten to know via their blogs and I don’t ever recall being disappointed when I’ve shaken the hand of someone I’ve been reading over the years. Paddlers in general tend to be a great group of folks and I always enjoy the exchange of knowledge that takes place. Bonnie, Stevie, and John from Sebago and yours truly, the VOR, and No2 Son (LtO) met at a fine little establishment south of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. On the way there I attempted to find Ebbets Field but found only a high rise apartment on the former site. So much for history. It was fun to note the distinctions between New York metro paddling and Minneapolis paddling. “You don’t have a car? How the hell do you get your boat to the water?”. Many Sebago members take the subway or bus to the boathouse, toss their boat into the water and away they paddle. Twin Citians tend to throw the boat on the roof and head for Lake Superior, two hours away. SKOAC has acquired two very nice kayak trailers though, and this lowers the carbon footprint on paddling expeditions. The closer and more frequent city lake paddles serve to do the same. We vowed that the next trip out we would vist Sebago and attempt to get some paddling in. The VOR is excited about tides and the lack of carp. No2 son said that he and perhaps some members of his artillery battalion would love to paddle and an invitation was also extended to the Sebago crew for a Lake Superior paddle. John might be heading in this direction over the summer which would be very cool. The world continues to shrink in the kayaking community. Good luck and we hope to cross paths again soon.


bonnie said...

A true stroke of brilliance, hiding this top-secret dossier right out in plain sight on the internet - who'd think to look for sensitive security information there???

Anonymous said...

Fun was had by all.
Can't wait to get together ffor a paddle.

DaveO said...

I sure hope Homeland Security isn't on to me! Stevie, I concur on the paddle wholeheartedly. Next time in NYC I will make the arrangements. Who knows, after John gets a taste of Gitchee Gumee this summer there may be a Sebago expedition to the Apostles!