Friday, January 11, 2008

Lake Superior Dance Theater?

I'm going to admit that I'm not a big fan of modern dance. OK, the reality is that I've never been to a modern dance performance. I've been to plenty of classical dance performances, and not just the Nutcracker at Christmas. I had the pleasure of watching the Bolshoi company perform Don Quixote in the Palace of Congresses inside the Kremlin while the Bolshoi Theater was being remodeled. I was not prepared however, for this headline in the entertianment section of todays St Paul paper......."Lake Superior enfolds dramatic theater piece by energetic company". As the story says, the action takes place in a sunken ore boat at the bottom of Lake Superior. Not a situation that would inspire dancing in my estimation but what do I know? The choreographer, a fellow named Carl Fink was inspired by stories his father told him about being a crew member on an ore boat in the 1950's. I would suppose a guy who writes a blog on Lake Superior should go see the performance but I'm noncommital at this point. If I indeed 'pull the trigger' and go, you can bet I will review in on this, your full service Lake Superior blog.

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