Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Apostles, here we come!

After a grueling two or so hours of work this morning, I will head home and we are off to the Apostles to tour the outer (including Outer) islands. The VOR, GalwayGuy, RonO, a second esteemed SKOAC board member, and my two hunting camp friends from suburban Gurney, WI will depart Little Sand Bay after supper for York Island. This is roughly the 4th year in a row we've hit the Apostles and the second year for the core of this group. Last year was interesting when GalwayGuy was hauled off Oak Island by the Coast Guard after suffering severe dehydration from suspected food poisoning. Coast Guard Bayfield will be receiving a case of beer later this afternoon to commemorate the event. The photo is me in the water helping to get my boat off the power boat that kindly ferried me back to Otter Island after assisting in the rescue on Oak.
To avoid any whining, photo credits go to my buddy, the Bjorn Dahlie of Mahtomedi (BDM). Once again boats will be decorated on the 4th, toasts will be drunk, and the dutch ovens will get a workout producing food that is far from the usual dehydrated camping crap. I'm outta here, mentally days ago, physically in about 3 hours. Happy 4th of July!


Nancy said...

Have fun up in the Apostles. When you come up again, you'd be welcome to paddle with our south shore kayak group--our schedule is at


DaveO said...

Thanks Nancy, I'd like to do that sometime. You may paddle with some of my cronies who live up that way also. We have a camp out in Oulu where we sometimes stay. We ran into 'Gene and Jean', south shore residents/paddlers, when we were heading out to York on Tuesday.

DaveO said...
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