Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Water wars

Today, when I stand on the shores of Lake Superior, I don’t see a lake. I see a sprawling deep blue battleground that stretches from Duluth, Minnesota, to Trois Rivieres, Quebec -- and I wonder, who will win the war?” –- Peter Annin, “The Great Lakes Water Wars”

In case you didn't realize it, everyone wants our Great Lakes water. Not just the surrounding cities and towns and not just the farmers and miners within reach of the shores. Las Vegas, LA, and most of the western states would be happy to pump water out of the Great Lakes for their lawns, pools, and Caesars Palace fountain. As you may have surmised, I am violently opposed to even the idea that such a thing would be considered. Yet a number of our fine public officials have been and are considering just that. As you know from previous posts, Lake Superior is down roughly 18' for its lowest level in years. Heres another shot of our old friend The Fedora jutting out of the lake. You willl note the mark where the normal water line falls. I don't want one drop of that Great Lakes water squirting out the top of the fountain in some Hollywood producers pool/patio.

The attached article was published this month in Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine. Read it. No, I mean it! Read the damn thing! And take a good look at the map of who will be wanting this water in the near future. Ideas and feedback are greatly encouraged.

A Firm Hand on the Spigot, Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine


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Great article Dave ... much food for thought.

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