Monday, April 16, 2007

Tuliq mania

Last week my eagerly awaited Reed tuliq arrived via the Royal Mail. I had first tried this wonderous garment when Greg Stamer let me use his at the post Caneoecopia rollling session up in Baraboo. I will also admit to noticing the Reed evening dress that Freya Hoffmeister wore to the film premier at the High Noon Saloon but I digress. The tuliq showed up before they said it would, the customer service was excellent, and, most importantly, it fit perfectly. This is huge for me because virtually nothing I have fits perfectly. When you are 6'4", 225#, and have 37" sleeves you are grateful when things even kinda fit. After sending in a dozen or so different measurements as well as a tracing of the cockpit coaming of my Aquanaut, my tuliq showed up fitting perfectly and ahead of schedule. The only other custom garment I own are some silk pajamas that I bought in the Haidian section of Beijing when my eldest son Erik was studying at the Language Institute so I felt I was due.

I was soon on Long Lake, which trusty trout fishing stream thermometer told me was at 45F. I did 3 or 4 screw rolls and only had 3 or 4 TBSP of water in my cockpit! Much better than the spray skirt. I had a minor malfunction when my swim mask didn't quite fit right with my face opening on the hood but I guess my sensitive eyeballs can take a bit of murky Long Lake water once in awhile. I paddled with it for awhile and it was comfortable enough and had good flexibility. The next day on White Bear Lake however, the air temp was around 65F and it was way too hot unless I rolled every 10 minutes or so. Never the less this will be the perfect setup for Lake Superior which I will be visiting this weekend if the stars align. And for rolling practice I do believe this Reed ChillCheater tuliq can't be beat!


Silbs said... look good in it...even if you do digress :)

Ron said...

Ah yes.. I believe I must have one of those. The dry suit does work, but doesn't cover the head and ears.

Alex said...

Is the Reed hood meant to be worn in that fashion? I ask because with the neoprene tuiliks, the face opening tucks under the chin so that when you tighten the hood it really clamps on to your head.

DaveO said...

I actually tried it both ways because as a tuliq rookie I didn't have a clue. One thing for sure; talking is much simpler when it isn't wedged under your chin. The strings tighten up and that baby is welded to your head no matter which way its worn. Very little water got in although the leakage that did happen was around the skirt and coaming.