Monday, March 26, 2007

Ice out is coming fast!

I snuck down to Long Lake in New Brighton, MN with a sandwich and a folding chair to enjoy the unseasonable 60F weather in March. The ice is black and completely gone around the shore. My guess is open water in 3-4 days. With my dry suit and hood it will be time to practice rolling in the natural lake environment. Although I attended a pool session and a instructional rolling session taught by Greenland paddle guru's Freya Hoffmeister and Greg Stamer I still loathe chlorine infused water, the whine of the pumps and filters, the hard geometry of the sides and edges and basically everything there is to dislike about indoor pools. I'd rather be cold than chlorinated and we should be paddling on the lakes in this neck of the woods in a week or so. I can't wait!


Ron said...

After 81 degrees yesterday, Ron S called me .. Bush Lake is now ice free!
Good to see you getting your blog up and running.

DaveO said...


I may need some pointers but you were right, its pretty intuitive. Bush lake sound like a good possibilty to me!


Ron said...

Planning on hitting one of the lakes this weekend .. I'll keep you in the loop.