Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Lake Superior wedding

Son Ian (1stLtO) and Ms. Elizabeth were married on the shores of Lake Superior at the U of M owned Glensheen Mansion in east Duluth. The whole famn damily was there from all points of the compass and the weather and Gitchee Gumee itself decided to cooperate perfectly. The only minor casualty was the father of the grooms liver, but it's expected to rally nicely. This is the third family wedding on Lake Superior in the past 3 years. We all suspect its something in the water.

When the kid from Minneapolis and the girl from Pipestone, MN, who had both been living in New York City for some time, picked Duluth for a wedding site I wasn't really surprised. Like a salmons spawning stream or a birds migratory path, that lake gets imprinted on certain people and has a mystical lure. The VOR's brotherBeepBeep got married up at the Lutsen ski area last fall and niece Jessica got married in a park high above Duluth the summer before. Neither were from the area and BeepBeep had been in Colorado for years, yet both decided to come back to the lake for the big event.

The whole weekend came off quite nicely. Superior gave us a little taste of what she was capable of at the rehearsal on Friday afternoon. A stiff southeast wind had the lake capping and the rain began just about the time we finished up. We adjourned to Sir Bens for the grooms dinner and then had the 'pre game show' at Clyde Iron Works. In keeping with the theme, Lake Superior Brewing's Kayak Kolsch beer was served. A wise ending time of 10:30 made for chipper wedding guests the next day, although there were unsubstantiated rumors that some of the guys that came over from the deer camp made a Thirsty Pagan stop on the way back to camp.

Saturday dawned cool and clear, perfect for we suit wearing guys but maybe not so perfect for the ladies, who had the off the shoulder dresses going. There was a lot of pre wedding standing around while a million or two pictures were taken but even that was entertaining because the beach was 30 yards away and every male from the two year olds to the grandpas spent the down time pitching rocks into the lake. As you can see, the guys in the wedding party managed to get some solid rock throwing time in as well. After the first couple, "Hey, where's so and so" from the photographers, they just strolled to the lake and rounded up the required photo victims.

The ceremony and reception came off without a hitch and the lovely couple are now up on the Canadian border, at the end of the Gunflint Trail, kicking back for a week before heading back to NYC on Friday. The VOR and I are taking it easy but both of us are heading north again Friday. She will be heading up on a womens hiking trip to the north shore of the lake and I'll be heading to the south shore and the hunting camp. My only decision is whether to take the kayak, salmon fishing gear, shotgun, or bow and arrows. Hmmm.....wait a minute! There's no reason I can't take em all! It should be another excellent fall weekend on Gitchee Gumee.

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