Friday, January 2, 2009

Enjoy the New Year

We were actually able to stay vertical until 12:05 on New Years Eve this year. Standing around a bonfire in sub freezing temperatures tends to keepn a person awake. I don't know how cold it was but the champagne in the little neck part of the plastic glass turned to slush. I have some fine pictures of the event but am posting remotely from the GurneyGranny's laptop and favorite chair while her and the VOR are engaged in a morning walk in the brisk weather. I have no cable and no clue on how to get those images off the camera.

A bunch of the SKOAC Renegades are in the area as well, with the notable exception of one of our real stalwarts, whose egotistical, jerk off boss decided to reverse himself and make him work today (Firday). I strongly suggested payback may be in order and was met with agreement. Meanwhile, we await the return of the ladies as Pod and I keep the chairs warm and the coffee hot. There will be a three part split of the group today with some downhill/telemark skiers, some cross country skiers, and a few snowshoers that want to explore the Black River gorge where it cascades through the rocks into Lake Superior. I better have another cup of coffee, laced with heavy whipping cream I may add, and ponder where the day will take me. I really want to do all three but unfortunately there is only one of me.

Enjoy the start of the New Year wherever you may be and stay warm. It's gonna be a good year, trust me.

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Silbs said...

I love the way you make the most of life. Happy new year.