Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Madison weekend

I headed down to the Madison area for the 32nd Annual "Woodyfest" this weekend. My long time buddy has a party on his 8 acre place well south of Madison, on the first weekend of February every year. Those in warmer climates might think standing around a bonfire drinking beer in the snow is a version of hell but it is a very convivial experience, especially if the fire is of the Woodman's normal size. In past years he has invited the local volunteer fire chief and warned him that if reports of a garage on fire in Albion township came in that it was likely only the party. This is a chance to see old friends (some since the 2nd grade for me), new friends, and No1 son and his lady friend who were kind enough to not only host the old man at their place but also drive me to and from the party. The location of the annual fall kayak trip was discussed with Rossport, Georgian Bay. and kayaking the BWCA all thrown out. Much talk and few decisions but this was not the venue for momentous decisions of that nature. Its great to have an event that is on the same weekend every year so people, ranging from babies to retirees, can plan ahead and gather annually for some good clean fun.

The other event that took place over the weekend was the Madison Winter Fest. They bring in dump truck loads of snow and snow capitol square for high school and pro nordic ski races as well as snowboard demos and other activities. No1 son and I did a quick ski at Monona golf course to take advantage of the 4" or so of new snow that fell that morning and then headed down to the capitol. I had to think how great it must have been for these high school teams, many of which were from the northern part of the state, to compete at the very steps of the state capitol. It got me fired up for the Vasaloppet which the SKOAC Renegade Ski & Kayak team will be competing in this weekend.

Oh, and I had to stop by Rutabaga also. No Anas Acuta or Outer Island for me to sit in but Canoecopia is only a month away!


Silbs said...

Looks like you are a Type I in my rating ssytem of how folks cope with winter.

DaveO said...

I think that sounds better than being a Type A. If not for kayaking winter would hands down be my favorite season. No sunburn, no mosquitos and black flies, no sweating while you sit quietly in a chair, no crowds of idiots, no humidity.....if I keep going 'll talk myself out of summer completely.