Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March Blizzard

Even though ice out is just around the corner we did get hit with a classic early March blizzard. 23" were measured at our hunting camp southwest of Port Wing. The snowshoeing was fantastic and the evergreens were spectacular with their covering of the white stuff. Deer, Fisher, Porkie, and raptor sign was all over the woods. No wolves this time however, even thought the rednecks would have you believe the woods is crawling with them and that they have eaten all the deer. Yeah, right.

Park Point in Duluth was buried when the big lake decided to throw some 60mph winds at it and the ice was piled up 15' to 20' high along the north shore and on the ice shelf edge out in the lake. Before that there had been little snow on the lake and a skater a couple miles out from Duluth, looking down through the ice, discovered an unknown shipwreck. Just another of the many faces of Gitchee Gumee.